About us

Forward thinking in Real Estate

Entegral has established itself as a leading provider of real estate products and services to a growing national client base with footprints in both South Africa and Namibia. Since 2004 we’ve been working non-stop on our mission to simplify all aspects of the real estate transaction and provide real estate professionals with industry best products & services.

...The job isn't to catch up to the status quo; the job is to invent the status quo...

Seth Godin - Author, Entrepreneur

Our philosophy of “less is more” is applied to our websites and management systems. We love to to tackle complex problems – where others say “no” we say “YES!”.

We are a bootstrapped company and privately owned with no investors. This has allowed us to take an objective view of the real estate industry and support transparency above all. We value long term relationships above quick sales that over promise and under deliver.


Meet your core Entegral team

We love remote work!


Strategy & System Architecture
Avid reader, mountain bike 🚲, trail running and a quest to make the world's best pizza


Editorial & Social Media
Finding new exotic ingredients to use in my cooking adventures and finding my zen through yoga and pilates.


Front-end development
Anime, MMORPGS and music fan. Challenge me to a game of chess.


Sys & Dev Ops
Music is my life. Vocalist and guitarist. Join me for a jam session 🎸


UI Design & CI
Travelling, photography and cooking delicious things


Finance & HR
Exploring the beautiful city I live in and spending time with my family.


Real Estate Coach & Training
Motocross and adventure riding.


Interface & Service development
Loves to hike, camp and travel the world.


Accounts Management & Helpdesk
Bzzzzzzzzzz............Bee keeping!


Social Media Management
I cycle, swim and sometimes, I run too. That makes me a triathlete 😉


Operations Management & Sales
Running and brewing a good cup of coffee ☕


Fullstack JS development
Loves reading, video & board games


Bond Origination Management
Loves travelling and reading


Full stack development
Loves a good game of cricket, reading and cooking


Backend development
Loves playing a good game of cricket


Operations & Helpdesk Management
Hiking, taking part in my local Parkrun and spending time with friends and family

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