Build Custom Real Estate Solutions

Every business is unique, some more than others. Entegral provides the services that simplify the process of developing your own custom real estate solution or building unique applications tailored for the real estate industry. This is done through our API’s (Application Programming Interface) that developers can use to retrieve or update data into external platforms in real-time. Use our open API platforms to customize and streamline your real estate business.

What is the Sync API?

The Sync listing syndication platform allows listings to be published to top portals using one standard listing input format. The Sync API provides a mechanism to insert those listings and retrieve status updates from within your own listing system. An added benefit is that you can build a Flex real estate website using the Sync API.

Typical use case

You have your own listing management system and want to market listings to all the portals.

What is the Base API?

Base provides a full listing, contact, report and document library solution to run an estate agency.  The Base API allows you to interact with data in Base including property, office, agent and contact records.

Typical use case

You use the Base as listing and contacts management platform but want to import or export some of that data to external systems or want to build your own custom real estate website.

Automate Base with thousands of popular apps via our Base Zapier integration.

What is Flex Template Language?

Flex Template Language is a platform that reduces development complexity by shifting the focus from getting bogged down in backend code, optimization and integration, to focusing on building beautiful, highly optimized websites. FlexTL gives creative freedom for front-end developers and designers.

Typical use case

You want to build highly customized websites that are easy to maintain.