New Base AI Virtual Assistant for real estate launched

Imagine being an estate agent and having your own personal virtual assistant available 24/7 to help with common tasks. Our new Base Virtual Assistant is a first step to helping our clients work smarter so they can focus on what they do best, selling!

Our beta launch helps estate agents with property ads and once you start using it, you will realise just how clever it is and that it could become an indispensable part of your daily operations.

What can the Base Virtual Assistant do?

If you are a Base CRM user, you can start using the beta version today. Hop over to one of your listings and click on the Virtual Assistant link to help you with any of the following tasks:

  • Do a grammar check on a listing description and make corrections.
  • Take your listing description and ask to rewrite a better version of it.
  • Write a completely new listing ad based on the keywords you supply.
  • Generate a tweet with hashtags based on your listing description.
  • Write a summary social media post (e.g. Facebook) using your listing description.
  • Create a headline catchphrase for your listing ad.

In the sample below we’ve added some keywords to describe our home and asked the Base Virtual Assistant to generate a listing ad description for us. It is smart enough to correct spelling errors and construct well-formatted sentences:

Generating a headline catchphrase at the click of a button:

… and even giving you summarised text with hashtags for a tweet:

A virtual assistant that will improve over time

Because the software uses the latest in machine learning technology (AI), and with tweaks from our team, the assistant will be constantly learning and improving itself to provide you with better results and actions you can perform. Although this is a promising beginning, we are convinced that we have only scratched the surface of what is achievable in the future to help you run a more efficient real estate business.

Our team is for instance researching how AI-related features can drive better personalisation for your Flex real estate website, while the real estate transaction itself can be better streamlined if we can provide predictive analytics. Anticipate more updates and thrilling new product releases from the Entegral team in the near future.

BTW, Base already helps clients automate and simplify plenty of tasks including:

The platform is available worldwide to all real estate agents.

Update: 22 February 2023

Several tweaks have been made to the Virtual Assistant:

  • Now x10 unique headline catchphrases are provided for property ads to choose from;
  • Existing paragraph breaks and formatting is preserved as far as possible on grammar checks;
  • Twitter formatting and wording improved;
  • Rewrite listing description or write new listing description improved;
  • Social media post improved including inclusion of emoji icons;

Update: 26 April 2023

More tweaks have been made to the Base AI Virtual Assistant. The Assistant is now out of Beta and we are pleased to announce that going forward this service is included for all Base users at no extra fee. More great upgrades are planned for the rest of 2023.

Entegral founder, passionate about simplifying and advancing the real estate experience through technology.

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