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A streamlined bond origination platform for estate agents

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Transparency is the currency of trust

Central processing hub

Each new pre-qualification and bond application is processed through our centralized hub, which handles transactions and communication. Our bond origination team provides transparent and prompt feedback to both buyers and agents.

Integrated bond origination services for your website

Streamlined applications

Help buyers prequalify for finance early on right on your website. Integrated bond origination services with your Flex website allows for a faster, streamlined and more secure application process. 

Your buyers. Our magic.

They say data is the new oil, and in the world of real estate, this is particularly true for bond origination. When selecting a bond originator, it is essential to ensure their independence and confirm that there is no shareholding between them (or their parent company) and any real estate groups. 

By selecting an 100% independent bond originator like MyProperty Home Loans, you can rest assured that there is no conflict of interest or risk of inadvertently supporting your competitors.