Base is now part of the Zapier partner program

We’ve reached another milestone with Base, it is out of public beta and has been accepted into the Zapier Partner Program. Access to the Zapier Partner Program provides the Entegral team with resources, tips, and co-marketing perks to help increase our user adoption and plan upgrades.

The Base Zapier integration allows you to connect your real estate data to thousands of popular 3rd party apps.

What does it mean for me as an estate agent?

It shows our ongoing commitment to helping you automate your real estate business in innovative new ways. While we have a Base API for web developers, the Base Zapier integration was developed to allow users with non-development skills to automate simple tasks within their business without having to incur the costs of bespoke software development while also developing integration at a more rapid pace.

Through the years we’ve received great feedback from clients using the Base Zapier app and made ongoing tweaks to allow you to automate and connect easier than before. As more agents use this, we will continue to fine tune this. It also shows our commitment to building open real estate platforms and giving your agency the choice in how and with whom you want to connect your data. You can get started with the Base Zapier integration here.

Base Zapier comes standard with your Base CRM subscription.

Should you require a Zapier consultation session please contact us and we will connect you with a qualified Zapier expert that also understands the specific Base Zapier integration.

Entegral founder, passionate about simplifying and advancing the real estate experience through technology.

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