Base Zapier real estate automation

Zapier integration

With the Zapier integration from Base, you can connect your listings, contacts, and calendars with thousands of popular apps. Automate repetitive tasks and work more efficiently.

Integrate Base with Zapier and connect with thousands of apps

Connect with thousands of apps

See what is possible with these apps

Work smarter

Create smart workflows

Create advanced multi-step, conditional workflows that connect multiple apps. Trigger these apps when you update contacts or listings in Base, and update data back into Base.

Thousands of popular apps work with Base

Connect with any app

Automate your real estate business, free your data

Unlock the magic with Zapier and Base

Zapier is a web-based automation tool that allows users to connect different apps and services together to automate repetitive tasks. It allows users to create “Zaps,” which are automated workflows that can be triggered by specific events in one app, and then perform actions in other apps. For example, a Zap could be set up to automatically send an email to a new lead with more information about the agent. Benefits it offers to real estate agents are:

  • Automating repetitive tasks, allowing agents to focus on other aspects of their business
  • Efficiently manage leads, by automatically automating communication based on certain parameters
  • Streamline and personalise communication with existing clients by automatically sending updates and notifications.
  • Easily manage data across multiple apps and platforms, without needing to manually transfer information.

How to get started with Base and Zapier

If you are a client you can visit our help link to get started with your Base Zapier real estate automation. The basic requirements would be:

  • You need an Entegral Base account
  • You need a Zapier account, either free or paid
  • A Base API key needs to be created in Base for use in Zapier
  • You are then ready to start creating zaps

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