Flex Features: Payment Gateway

Flex features: Online payment gateway

Flex allows you accept online payments on your website via integration with select payment gateway providers.  Since Flex is responsive, your payment gateway will be available on any device.

What can you use online payments for?

Basically, anything real estate related you want to sell on your website:

  • You can setup various products, services or packages on your website, each with its own price structure and a form that captures client and order specific details e.g. Specialised services like comprehensive property valuations, surveys or area reports that the public can buy

  • Packages that include services you don’t offer as standard, e.g. home staging, 3D virtual tours or cleaning/maintenance services.

  • A basic fee to list certain properties e.g. shared rooms or even booking of short term rental properties.

  • You can integrate a pay button on property listings to accept a payment for a service related to that specific listing (we will send the property identification through to you in the order).

What's included?

  • Entegral will configure your payment service provider settings in Flex. You will need to sign up with the payment service provider and provide the necessary integration parameters to our team.

  • We set up the required products and forms on your website.

  • We capture any information you want the public to enter and include it in the order sent to you.

  • We customise a branded confirmation email that is sent to the client and your team containing the order details. Each product can route to multiple recipients on your side. An order confirmation and failed payment pages are also included.

What does it cost?

  • The online payment service provider fees will be applicable including their transaction costs which varies from provider to provider.

  • There are no transaction fees from Entegral. We will quote for the development work on your website and any support required down the line where it is not a software bug on our side.

  • The payment gateway is offered on all templates except the Starter template. Depending on your requirements and integration into dynamic pages, you may be advised to move to the custom Flex solution which carries a slightly higher hosting fee.

Supported payment gateway providers

yoco payment gateway