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Testimonial benefits for estate agents

First, let us have a look at the obvious and not-so-obvious benefits of integrating real estate testimonials on your website:

  1. Social proof: Testimonials from satisfied clients can serve as social proof that the estate agent is trustworthy and effective in helping clients buy, sell or rent a property. It is so easy to do a Google search before selecting an agent, make sure your profile builds trust from the start.
  2. Credibility: Testimonials can help establish an agent’s credibility and reputation in your local neighbourhood. Keep it updated with fresh testimonials.
  3. Marketing: Testimonials can be used as a marketing tool to attract potential clients and differentiate an agent from competitors.
  4. Building trust: Testimonials can help build trust with potential clients, as they can provide first-hand accounts of the agent’s work and service in their local neighbourhood.
  5. Showcase the agent’s personality: Testimonials can also showcase the agent’s personality and how they interact with their clients.
  6. SEO value: Testimonials can add fresh and relevant content to an agent’s profile page to help it with better ranking. Positive testimonials can help establish trust and credibility with both search engines and potential clients.

Capturing testimonials from clients

You can capture testimonials in various ways after a sale has been completed, this includes:

  • Asking the client for a review by sending them a link to your Facebook, Google My Business or other public platform that accepts reviews; These are great as it is highly visible in local searches.
  • Some clients wouldn’t want to post a public review on those platforms. You can send them a link to your website where you have a custom review form. It is easy to build something using Google Forms, Jotform, Typeform or many of the other form tools available.
  • Using Flex you an embed most of these forms on a separate page or even let our team design a custom one. This form would simply be emailed to you on submit (and if you use Base, automatically imported).

Showcasing testimonials

Posting testimonials on your social pages is important to create instant awareness, but it’s equally critical to display them prominently on your website as a more lasting reference Flex provides an excellent way of integrating testimonials on key pages including:

  • Direct on agent profiles, a sample can be seen above and here:
  • On your home landing page that immediately grabs the attention of visitors.
  • As a feature on property details pages near the agent details.
  • Any other landing pages on your website where you want to showcase your client reviews.

These testimonials can easily be managed by you through our unique Airtable app integration:

You can even modify it to include additional fields to display on your website. It provides a great way to provide a consolidated view of testimonials e.g. copy the testimonial from your Facebook page in here and insert a link to the testimonial. You can even get more creative by including a photo or Youtube video link.

Now throw in some magical real estate automation

How about automating the sending out and capturing of your testimonials? With Base Zapier real estate automation you can set up the following automated Zapier workflow to handle this for you:

  • Create a contact tag in Base setup called something like ‘Action: Send Testimonial’. When you add this tag to a contact, you want this testimonial email to be sent out automatically.
  • In Zapier you can set up a zap that triggers when a contact is updated with that ‘Action: Send Testimonial’ tag, and send out an email and SMS with the review link:

  • Make your zap live and test it. Now you have a customised and automated email that goes out to a client when a sale is completed and you want a review.
  • You can now even automate things further if there is feedback from a client. We want that response back in Base and recorded on that contact’s activity calendar. We also want to add that review to our website if it is a 5 star review. For this we create a new Zap that handles that:

To get started on Zapier review our help page here.

Bonus tip

Power your referrals: If a client captures a positive review on a testimonial form, add a thank you step to provide them with an incentive should they refer friends, family or colleagues to you. On a negative review, thank the client for their feedback and mention the steps you will take to improve the situation in the future.

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