Live Guided Virtual Tours Platform

Entegral Tours is an easy to use self-service virtual tour platform that puts you in full control of not only creating your own 360 degree virtual tours, but also host live guided viewings with multiple clients.

Live guided virtual tours

Reimagine property viewings. Virtual tours has been missing one key ingredient…YOU! Now you can jump inside virtual tours with clients. You have control to guide the viewing while a live video feed allows everyone to communicate in real time.

Freedom of choice with camera equipment

You have the freedom to use any 360 degree camera to create your tours. Unlike other virtual tour platforms, you can create an unlimited number of 360 scenes per tour and link them via hotspots that allows for easy navigation through homes.

Start for free

Visit the Entegral Tours platform and create up to 100 virtual tours for free. Play around with the live guided tour feature and when you are ready to introduce it to clients, simply buy live guided virtual tour time with your credit card.

Create your Tours account

Integrate anywhere

Send clients a virtual tour link our integrate the viewer into your own website. Real estate management systems like Base also allows for virtual tour links that can be updated on properties, which automatically updates to your own real estate website and supported portals.

Have you discovered the benefits of using virtual tours for your property sales?

  1. Save time: buyers are able to preview homes and you’d be able to do viewings for serious buyers who have narrowed down their search.
  2. Cut costs: Save on travel cost for your agents, sellers and buyers.
  3. More website traffic: Virtual tours have proven to attract more online viewings, especially when paired with a Flex website that further enhances properties with tours.
  4. Social shares: With an eye-catching 360 degree virtual tour, people are more likely to share your tour with friend or family, giving you some extra exposure.
  5. Stand out: With Entegral’s Tour platform, you can create tours on all your mandates, and stand out from the crowd.
  6. Convenience for sellers: Every physical home viewing requires sellers to get the home in pristine condition and sometimes requires access at inconvenient times.  With a virtual tour, the home will always be in pristine condition 24/7 and the physical viewings are saved for serious buyers who have narrowed down their search.
  7. Realistic experience:  If you value transparency in the home buying experience, the virtual tour provides a better overview of a home than standard photos.

Virtual tour examples