Search Engine Marketing

Target buyers & sellers when they search for property in your area

What’s better than putting your ad right in front of potential property buyers or sellers when they’re searching for what you can offer?

Google Adwords provides a unique opportunity for real estate agencies to directly target buyers and sellers at the point of search and direct them straight to your website. Compared to traditional print media, you only pay for results when people click on your ad, it provides you with an opportunity to target only specific people using certain keywords that fall within a certain geographical area. The return on investment for your real estate office is substantially better. Other than advertising on property portals, Google Adwords provides one of the best possible click-per-pay marketing opportunities available to estate agents today.

How it works

  •  ONE   We carefully set up your agency ad on Google Adwords using our in-depth Google Adwords experience. This includes setting up the correct keywords, setting daily budgets, cost per click and other important settings to deliver maximum results for you.

  • TWO   People search on Google for property or your real estate services in your operational area.

  • THREE   Depending on your monthly budget and other factors, they will see your tailored ad. Even if they don’t click on it you’re doing valuable brand building. Our aim, however, is to get people to click on your ad and achieve a high click-through-rate.

  • FOUR   When they click on your ad, they get routed to your website, and you win a potential new client! If you host a Flex real estate website with us, a tracking code will allow you to see how many actual leads results from your ads.

  • FIVE  We send you a monthly report detailing your ad performance and do tweaks to increase the click-through-rate and leads conversion.

Google Adwords Packages

  • Total price

    Total monthly cost

  • Actual Adwords spend excluding admin feesActual Adwords spend/month
  • Monthly fee in managing and optimizing your Adwords account and sending reportsAdmin & Optimisation fee/month
  • Once-off setup fee to create your individual account in Google Adwords and setup the initial campaignOnce-off setup fee
  • The maximum number of times we can alter your ad text at no additional costAd changes per month
  • No lengthy contracts to tie you down!Month-to-month contract
  • Statistical report showing Adwords performance e.g. number of views & clicks per keywordMonthly performance reports
  • If you have one of our Flex websites, we can integrate a tracking code so you can see how many ad clicks resulted in enquiriesFlex ROI leads tracking
  • core

  • R2,499

    per month

  • R2,000
  • R499
  • R1999
  • 1
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • venture

  • R4,799

    per month

  • R4,000
  • R799
  • R1999
  • 2
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • dynamic

  • R8,999

    per month

  • R8,000
  • R999
  • R1999
  • 4
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes

fees exclude VAT @ 14%


Where will my ads appear?

We optimize your ads to display in the highest position based on your adwords daily budget. More aggressive targeting can be done to display your ads as high as possible, usually requiring a higher cost per click budget.

Do I have to be an Entegral client?

No, the service is provided to real estate agencies worldwide. We have already actively run campaigns for real estate agents in various countries.

What experience do you have?

We have run Google Adwords since it launched more than 10 years ago, and have managed and optimized Google Adwords campaigns totaling over R1,000,000 for our own real estate portals and real estate agency websites.

Does it work?

In short, yes!
Read the Google Adwords success stories. We don't tie you into any contracts and are committed to providing you with the very best exposure for your business. Our view is that of a long term relationship where we provide strategic online marketing services.

Google Adwords success stories