• Price per mailboxPrice per mailbox
  • Discount on 50 or more accountsDiscount on 50 or more accounts
  • Discount on 100 or more accountsDiscount on 100 or more accounts
  • Light

  • 200 MB

    per email account

  • Price per mailboxR36/month
  • Discount on 50 or more accounts10%
  • Discount on 100 or more accounts15%
  • Standard

  • 1 GB

    per email account

  • Price per mailboxR48/month
  • Discount on 50 or more accounts10%
  • Discount on 100 or more accounts15%
  • Advanced

  • 25 GB

    per email account

  • Price per mailboxR59/month
  • Discount on 50 or more accounts10%
  • Discount on 100 or more accounts15%

All prices are exclusive of South African VAT @ 15%


  • Up to 25GB space per email account, never delete email again
  • Advanced and user friendly email web interface: includes contacts and calendar management with the ability to share calendars
  • Industry best uptime and backups through our cloud infrastructure
  • Comprehensive spam and anti-virus protection: 3 independent spam and anti-virus scans
  • Optional email archiving will save all email sent/received for a mailbox
  • Unlimited bandwidth through mail boxes
  • Supports POP3, SMTP, IMAP protocols with secure SSL included as standard security feature

Protect your business with the email archive option Enable the optional email archive feature on all or individual mailboxes at R55/mailbox/month. This archives all email sent or received for a mailbox in a secure archive, irrespective of whether users delete email on their main accounts. The email archive option provides unlimited space and archives all email. Great for message recovery, disaster recovery and business continuity and legal compliance.

Can I send bulk newsletters through my account?

No, if you send out bulk newsletters, you risk blacklisting your company domain with email servers who see it as spam. This can take a lot of time and money to fix. Use a trusted 3rd party tool like MailChimp to create newsletters with well designed opt-in and opt-out functionality for subscribers.

Where do I find account setup information or get help with other problems

Help is available from our support website. You can also contact our Help Desk if you still have problems.

visit the support site here

PremiumMail is an industry best cloud email hosting & support solution. Email is the lifeline of your business and Entegral understands this – that is why we offer email with unparalleled uptime, advanced anti-spam & virus technologies and a powerful webmail interface. Our PremiumMail Solution offers up to 25GB space per mailbox, you never have to delete an email again!

Advanced Webmail interface included

An easy to use webmail interface that provides anytime, anywhere access to your email. Calendar, contacts and notes features are included. Take control of your mailbox by setting up auto-reply, filtering and forwarding on incoming emails.  Keep the spam out by configuring blacklists and whitelists.

sync email between devices

Sync your email across all your devices

With PremiumMail’s massive 25GB mailboxes, you can easily sync your email to all your devices. Simply set your email up with the IMAP protocol (instead of POP). Now you can also have access to all your email via the standard webmail interface plus all your email is kept backup up daily.