Not your average property portal

Transparent. Unbiased. 100% independent.

Our MyProperty real estate websites pride themselves as South Africa and Namibia’s #1 100% independently owned property portals, providing estate agents with extensive reach across our web and social media channels. 

It is built on the same Flex responsive platform that powers our client websites. Launched back in 2004, MyProperty has stood the test of time and leads the way in our vision of creating an alternative property portal focused on agents and consumers, free from promoted listings and excessive marketing fees.

MyProperty Marketplace

The MyProperty Marketplace aims to connect consumers with leading professional estate agents in their areas. You are the brand, and we’d love to help you stand out and be the 1st choice for consumers looking to connect with an estate agent.

Our Mission

The MyProperty manifesto

  1. Stay 100% independent. It keeps us agile and ensures there is no conflict of interest.
  2. Simplify all aspects of the property transaction. This includes searching for properties and real estate professionals.
  3. Bring more transparency to the real estate industry. There should be more transparency and accountability from everyone involved in the property transaction.
  4. Look after the best interest of both estate agents and their clients. Don’t let advertisers dictate or influence the experience of finding the right home or best agent.
  5. Listen to our clients. It’s the only way to grow a business.
  6. Promote the best agents, not the biggest spenders. High online marketing costs is a pain for most agents, and the reality is that these costs are passed on indirectly to clients. We’d like to promote the agents who provide the best service, not the biggest spenders.
  7. Don’t be greedy. Keep costs low, fair and transparent. Stay humble and work in harmony with everyone involved in the property transaction.
  8. Promote the role and value of the estate agent. Through transparency, better communication and better tools. Weed out the bad apples through industry collaboration enforcing better standards and ethics.
  9. Lead through innovation. Continuously invest through research & development.
  10. Give back and enjoy the journey. Give back to the community and seek joy in all the little wins.