Introducing Flex Template Language

Beyond templates.

Build beautiful, highly optimized websites with the first template language platform built for real estate.

Flex Template Language reduces development complexity by shifting the focus from getting bogged down in backend code, optimization and integration, to focusing on building beautiful, highly optimized websites. FlexTL gives creative freedom for front-end developers and designers.

How Flex Template Language can help your business

A more cost effective way to build custom real estate websites that better aligns with your unique brand identity. FlexTL removes a lot of the risk and complexity usually associated with building custom websites.

Franchise groups can add more value to their network by providing branded, template office and agent websites that are quick to set up. Use your own developers or Entegral.

Expand your client base to real estate and develop custom or template websites. Earn income on setup and monthly fees. We will showcase top custom website work on the Entegral website and help market approved templates.

FlexTL websites is open to any real estate office worldwide as long as listings are fed from Base or your client’s own management system via Sync.

Integrate your listing management system with the Sync API, and offer the Flex Template Language platform with all its benefits to your client base.

Earn income on setup and monthly fees and get your management system features as integration option.

A complete platform for building and hosting real estate websites


A unique, highly available, distributed architecture with no servers to worry about.


Lightning fast web page delivery for end users. Designed for scale: grow without limits.


Front-end developers can focus on what they do best, create beautiful user interfaces.

Reduce complexity

Don't get bogged down in integrating back and front-end code, focus on the front-end.


Make any content editable through a seamless AirTable integration. Create dynamic pages from your content records.

Use any listing system

Use Entegral Base as your listing system our integrate your own system via the Sync API to create a distributed architecture.

Developer support

Documentation and samples to shorten the learning curve and a dedicated team to provide technical assistance.

Lower cost of ownership

Not only will your website be easier to develop and maintain, but it will be more cost effective to run.

Developing with Flex Template Language

Flex Template Language (FlexTL for short), provides a framework consisting of expressions, helpers, components, plugins and partials (the FlexTL syntax that essentially acts as placeholders) to dynamically import your listing and other data into template pages you’ve created. This enables you to develop the front-end of real estate website offline in HTML, and transfer it to FlexTL using placeholders.

Pages can be developed in popular front end libraries and frameworks like Bootstrap, Material UI , ReactJS and AngularJS. The FlexTL engine takes care of listing and other content integration and optimization in a complete serverless cloud environment.

Get a head start with a complete website

You don’t have to start from scratch. Get a head start with a sample template website or buy one of our completed templates and customize according to your needs. Use your own developer or schedule customization with Entegral.

Full control through the Flex Template Language control panel

Complete control to update your front-end code and website settings, from anywhere.

Flex Template Language in the Wild

Examples of real estate websites running on the Flex Template Language framework. You can also visit Flex Office to view more samples.

Rental Specialists, The Letting Corporation

Independent estate agency, Club Real Estate




  • Free sandbox account including working website with source code

  • Sample agency data including agents and listings

  • FlexTL control panel to update code and assets

  • Full documentation & email support

FlexTL Standard


  • All developer account features

  • Sync listing syndication package fee applicable which includes syndication (use your own listing system or Base)

  • Up to 5 linked offices

  • Month-to-month contract

  • Email support & backups & 24/7 monitoring of systems

FlexTL Pro

$199/month and $9/month per office

  • All FlexTL Standard features

  • Sync listing syndication package fee applicable which includes syndication (use your own listing system or Base)

  • Unlimited linked offices

  • Month-to-month contract

  • Email support & backups & 24/7 monitoring of systems

Buy an existing template

Includes full working source code so you can customize the website according to your needs. Pick any of our premium Flex Templates for a $499 once-off fee.

HTTPS and CDN support

SSL Certificate setup for your website and configuration on the AWS Cloudfront CDN (Content Delivery Network) to deliver a secure and super-fast experience for your users, no matter where they are in the world. Included by default for all accounts.

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