Introducing Flex Template Language

Beyond templates.

Build beautiful, highly optimized websites with the first template language platform built for real estate.

Flex Template Language is a platform created by Entegral to reduce the complexity in building highly customised real estate websites. It is the backbone of our Flex real estate website themes, and shifts the focus from getting bogged down in backend code & optimization, to focusing on building beautiful, highly optimized real estate websites. FlexTL gives creative freedom for front-end developers and designers.

How Flex Template Language can help your business

A more cost effective and quicker way to build custom real estate websites that better aligns with your unique brand identity. FlexTL removes a lot of the risk and complexity usually associated with building custom websites. There is a big cost saving on the initial development, while the ongoing maintenance costs is also significantly lower compared to bespoke custom solutions.

Franchise groups can add more value to their network by providing custom branded, template office and agent websites that are quick to set up.  Design, development and maintenance is all handled by Entegral.

Looking to start a real estate website development & hosting business in your country? Looking to offer country specific themes and local support for your real estate community?  The Flex platform provides 100% uptime through our serverless architecture and  offers the opportunity to build solid, high performance websites for real estate agents. Listings are fed from Base or your client’s own management system via Sync.

Get into contact with us and let’s set up a meeting.

Integrate your listing management system with the Sync API, and offer the Flex Template Language platform with all its benefits to your client base. Integrations have already been done with bespoke listing systems from national groups and real estate startups,  and even established platforms like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and ZOHO.

Get into contact with us and let’s set up a meeting.

A complete platform for building and hosting real estate websites


A unique, highly available, distributed architecture with no servers to worry about.


Lightning fast web page delivery for end users. Designed for scale: grow without limits.


Front-end developers can focus on what they do best, create beautiful user interfaces.

Reduce complexity

Don't get bogged down in integrating back and front-end code, focus on the front-end.


Make any content editable through a seamless AirTable integration. Create dynamic pages from your content records.

Use any listing system

Use Entegral Base as your listing system our integrate your own system via the Sync API to create a distributed architecture.

Developer support

A dedicated team with over 15 years of experience in building real estate websites and doing custom integrations.

Lower cost of ownership

Not only will your website be easier to develop and maintain, but it will be more cost effective to run over the long run.

Developing with Flex Template Language

Flex Template Language (FlexTL for short), provides a framework consisting of expressions, helpers, components, plugins and partials (the FlexTL syntax that essentially acts as placeholders) to dynamically import your listing and other data into template pages you’ve created. This enables you to develop the front-end of real estate website offline in HTML, and transfer it to FlexTL using placeholders.

Pages can be developed in popular front end libraries and frameworks like Bootstrap, Material UI , ReactJS and AngularJS. The FlexTL engine takes care of listing and other content integration and optimization in a complete serverless cloud environment.

Full source control through GitHub and the Flex Template Language control panel

We’ve developed a unique platform that makes updating code and configuring real estate websites easier.