Real Estate Domains

Your #1 choice in securing your virtual home on the web

Entegral provides an industry best solution for managing your local or international real estate domain names:

  • Accredited domain registrar managing thousands of domains for clients over the past 10 years.

  • You are listed as the registered owner of the domain (many service providers registers the domain in their own name which is incorrect).

  • Your yearly fees are paid on time to the relevant authorities. Failing to pay your fees can result in losing your domain name.
  • Entegral provides additional domain services including linking multiple domains to your website, setup subdomains and doing DNS changes.

  • Your domain is hosted on our state of the art cloud-based worldwide anycast DNS network. It ensures the fastest access times to your website from anywhere in the world with multiple DNS failover points. It also automatically scales with large traffic volumes. If your domain is unreachable, your website is unreachable. The cost for this premium service is included in your fees.

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Domain costs

.agency .homes: R200 once-off registration fee & R35/month. R250 once-off registration fee & R45/month.

.net .com, .co .biz: R300 once-off registration and R55/month.

.joburg .capetown .durban .africa: R300 once-off registration and R55/month.

.properties .estate .house. farm: R350 once-off registration and R65/month.

.forsale .rentals .rent: R400 once-off registration and R65/month.

Other domains including .property. .realty .realestate .land .group available on request.


Your monthly fee covers:

  • Yearly renewal fees with domain authorities.

  • Free changes to your domain records (DNS).

  • Costs associated with hosting your domain on our global AnyCast DNS network.


costs excludes South African VAT @ 15%