New Paystack payment gateway integration for Flex

paystack payment integration for estate agencies

Real estate agencies that want to accept online payments on their Flex websites now have Paystack available as another payment gateway provider. Paystack offers a seamless payment experience with simple, fair pricing (2.9% + R1 per transaction as on 8 May 2023). Coupled with a quick setup process, the payment gateway becomes quite an attractive option. Paystack is available in South Africa, Ghana and Kenya.

An integrated payment solution for your Flex website

While individual and customised payment links can be set up on content pages for any product or service you offer, you can also link our Flex payment gateway to dynamic pages, such as your property listings.

This allows you to accept online payments as part of a process flow including our integrated Tenant Applications to accept a once off payment before or after a form has been completed.

There are no additional fees except the once-off setup and integration costs. Visit our Flex payment gateway page for more info.

Automate with Paystack

A great feature of Paystack is that it offers Zapier integration for even further automations, which means you can also hook it up with our Base Zapier integration.

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