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If you’re searching for one user-friendly, fully managed platform to power your real estate company in any country, your search ends with Entegral. Our real estate product suite, consisting of Base, Sync and Flex has been refined over many years to allow for customisation in any country. With pricing that scales with the size of your network, it is the ideal solution for companies of any size, whether you run a small local operation or have an international footprint that requires a unified platform for all users. While we can brag about all the features, you know there is much more to choosing a service provider than simply comparing features. Let’s dive in.

The Entegral difference

While there are many platforms to choose from of all over the world, how do you decide what will work best for your company? We believe it’s best to see if your values align with the particular company, so here are some insights in how we run Entegral:

  • We’re one of the fully independent service providers out there. We’re independent by choice. Your data is safe with us and is not shared with 3rd parties. Our primary goal isn’t to enrich shareholders. We’re focused on you.
  • We have a track record of innovation spanning almost 20 years. The products you use and the service you’ll get comes from a highly experienced and diverse international team that love what they do.
  • We’re a forward thinking bunch, not afraid to challenge the status quo but we are also laser focused on providing solid systems your team can trust.
  • We value simplicity, efficiency and transparency over bloated bureaucratic systems.


Base is an online real estate platform featuring a user-friendly, responsive design. It provides role-based access to listing, contacts and documents for offices and agents, irrespective of their location or device. Moreover, it even allows you to manage listings in multiple countries from a single account.    

Capturing listings is a breeze. For instance, the location picker allows you to pinpoint the exact location of a property. This feature can be effectively used with your website’s map search feature.  

Our helpdesk will ensure that we configure your Base account to cater for your country’s unique areas, property and mandate types. You have the ability to create additional capturing fields too. The screenshot below shows how our admin team can help configure unique characteristics specific to your country.

A range of listing features is offered including the ability to capture unlimited high definition photos and documents on each of your property listings. This extra storage usually comes at an additional cost with other service providers and if you have thousands of archived listings it will add up.

Base’s document library offers secure file access to your agents on an office or group level while listing brochures can be customised per country. A simple-to-use contacts management system and calendars allow efficient relationship management. While this doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of high-end CRM platforms we believe that simplicity gets the job done. More advanced integrations are however available via our Base API and Base Zapier integration, allowing you integrate our platforms with most popular apps.


Using Base, you can market your listings to your own website as well as a range of local and international portals via our integrated Sync listing syndication platform. The process has been simplified, allowing users to simply select the portals they want to feed to via a checkbox on the listing in Base.  The platform goes one step further by also providing automated social media real estate listing ads and can even automatically import your leads in record time.

Since our systems are modular, we can perform additional portal integrations per country, without the necessity of reinventing the wheel.


Over the years, we’ve set a benchmark in creating highly personalized, high performance real estate websites. Our Flex platform is perfect for showcasing property listings from any country using the local currency, property types and more.  It is a unique platform that even allows you to customise the property search for users.

Because Flex is replicated at more than 100 server locations worldwide, it provides a supremely smooth user experience, regardless of your buyer’s location. It also promises an industry-leading 100% uptime with consistent performance, unaffected by the amount of traffic you receive. Flex can easily power multiple office setups ranging from a few offices to consolidating listing data of hundreds of offices.

One of the most common challenges when choosing a real estate website platform is the ability to customize it according to your unique, country-specific requirements. Flex caters to this, allowing you to fast-track your launch with one of our fine-tuned templates, and then customize it according to your unique needs. Our Airtable real estate integration allows you to set up unique and integrated content structures and pages and is a great innovative way to supercharge your real estate SEO.

What are the typical costs, timeline and setup?

Our online quote builder will provide you with a cost indication, with a comprehensible breakdown available for each product. Base activation can be achieved within a day, though country-specific customization may require additional time, if not already configured. If you wish to feed into a local property portal in your country, our team will undertake an investigation and subsequently provide a timeline. Flex real estate website design & setup time will vary depending on your requirements, ranging from a few days to weeks.  A quote and timeline will be provided once we’ve conducted a requirements session.

Reach out to us in our website live chat or email us at to discuss your international real estate requirements.

Entegral founder, passionate about simplifying and advancing the real estate experience through technology.

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