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Base API

Base provides a full listing, contact, report and document library solution to run an estate agency. The Base API allows you to interact with data in Base including property, office, agent and contact records.

Typical use case

You use the Base as listing and contacts management platform but want to import or export some of that data to external systems or want to build your own custom real estate website.


Clients are not charged additional fees to use the Base API.

This can be done by the office administrator as documented here.

Yes, please review our documentation here for the latest maximum number of requests you can do per minute.

Yes, you can review the help documentation here

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Entegral uses REST API’s.

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Base Zapier integration

Automate your business by connecting Base with thousands of popular apps via our Base Zapier integration. 


There are no additional fees for Base, but you would need to sign up for one of the Zapier plans which carries a monthly fee.

You can view the latest version here and get a good overview of integration possibilities.

Sync API

The Sync listing syndication platform allows listings to be published to top portals using one standard listing input format. The Sync API provides a mechanism to insert those listings and retrieve status updates from within your own listing system. An added benefit is that you can build a Flex real estate website using the Sync API.

Typical use case

You have your own listing management system and want to market listings to all the portals.


There is a once-off fee to assist with developer integration while a monthly Sync fee is applicable based on the number of active listings.

Integration time varies per client but can be achieved in as little as a four weeks.

We are open to providing feeds to new portals as long as it can be made available to all clients.

The platform has been running non-stop with no downtime and can handle bulk workloads with ease. Listings generally update in under 2min to portals that support direct interfaces. Since each portal has their own throughput settings, bulk updates may be queued to work within the limits.

Snapshot API

The Snapshot API allows you to consume real estate time series statistical data including property views. More functionality will be introduced over time.


There is a small setup fee and monthly fee applicable that covers storage of all Snapshot data.

Portal Integrations

Would you like to integrate your portal with our Sync platform and provide estate agents with additional free or paid exposure? We can help. We have a REST API that allows you to retrieve listing data from estate agents who opt in for your service.


We love to work with established portals that have a track record of delivering quality leads to estate agents.

No, we work on an opt-in basis, so estate agencies would need to activate their feed to your portal.

Portals that target consumers interested in  purchasing or renting property in Southern Africa including South Africa and Namibia and East Africa including Seychelles.

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