Sync | Property Syndication

Sync simplifies and automates the task of publishing your property listings on all the major portals. Use the OMS, or integrate in your own management system through our API. As a standalone service, it facilitates the upload of listings, and acts as a central cloud data store from where listings can be distributed simultaneously to multiple channels.

The system performs automated health checks, dynamically scales resources with peak hours and has auto failover protection to cater for any portal problems.

Sync Setup and Maintenance Costs

Setup fee

R279 per paid portal, no setup cost for free portals.

Monthly fee

Listings 25 50 100 250 400 800 1500
All free portals R39 R59 R79 R99 R129 R149 R169
All paid portals R109 R169 R199 R229 R269 R299 R329
Setup fee

N$279 external portal (excluding MyProperty Namibia).

Monthly fee

Listings 25 80 150 300
All external portals N$ 109 N$ 149 N$ 179 N$ 209
  • Monthly fee: $25/month up to 1000 listings
  • Setup fee: $25 per paid portal, no setup fee for free portals

Our Property Partner Network
South Africa & Namibia
includes: FNB Quicksell, Nedbank Assisted Sales
includes: SA HomeTraders, Mail & Guardian, MWeb

Entegral exclusive listings
more info on Zoopla
charges applicable in metro areas
more info on Gumtree
Entegral exclusive top listings

South Africa & Germany

Exclusive Entegral agreement

and affiliate websites

Automatic export to your Entegral FLEX powered agent,agency or group website

Export  listings from your own management system to Sync through our Sync REST API interface.

Even more exposure through the OMS

If you use our OMS management system, you can get additional exposure through our OMS Integration partners, providing free integration with their websites and apps.