Build real estate apps & services

Tap into the OMS framework and build apps and services for the real estate community. Our RESTful API exposes property listing, office and other data that can be used in interesting ways to build new, innovative products and services. Although in its first release, we will expand the capabilities based on feedback received from you, so keep an eye out for upgrades in our OMS API documentation.

The OMS API is a RESTful web service and exposes various methods for the retrieval of property, office and agent data. Have a look at the OMS API documentation here.

How to get started

  • Review the OMS API documentation. This provides you with access to an individual estate agency office’s data.
  • Build a prototype against our mock server or contact us to request access to a test office in the sandbox environment.
  • Once completed, provide us with details so that we can promote it to our real estate community.
  • Should a client want to use your product, they will then be able to enable a token for your app/service in the OMS.
    They can opt out of supplying data at any stage by revoking your application token.
  • It is up to you to handle any support or billing related queries on your service with clients.