Price updates and changes for 2017

Herewith a breakdown of price updates and package changes for 2017, effective from March 2017.
Our goal was to make prices more fair and predictable for everyone, and allow room for us to improve and expand our real estate product range. For example, we realized that agencies listing 20 properties simply cannot be charged the same price as agencies listing 500 properties. 500 properties require a lot more interface support and would use a lot more resources (photos, bandwidth etc). Herewith a breakdown of updates coming to effect 1 March 2017.


We are switching the yearly domain fees over to a smaller monthly fee in order to reduce the support & admin on this, and make your invoice more consistent & predictable. The fee is R25/month/domain for all domains except the international .com,.net, .co and .biz domains which caries a R29/month/domain fee. Monthly prices will only be added to your invoice once the domain renewal is due. Included in this price is a new domain sale assistance service launching in March. We will advertise any domains you want to sell on the Entegral website for you. If you are looking to sell any domains please send a list of domains so long with asking prices. DNS changes to your domain and any domain transfers to Entegral is now also done free or charge. All of this is backed by an experienced team, our accredited domain registrar status and industry best AnyCast DNS global network.


Gone are the days of having to pay for email packages. We now offer a simpler fee per email account structured as follows:
– R26/month per 200MB email account;
– R32/month per 1GB email account;
– R38/month per 25GB email account;
Now you can add or remove single email accounts as required. Bulk discount of 10% on 50 or more accounts, and 15% on 100 or more accounts are applied.
Our optional email archiving service goes up to R55/month. We have also made it easier for anyone to move existing email over to Entegral, not matter the size of your office. So please speak to us and get your business communications running through our reliable cloud-based email service.


Flex Agent Websites
The cost of a Flex agent website remains at R999/year but now also includes the yearly domain renewal fees. This saves you an incredible R300/year. Be on the lookout for a new Agent theme launching this year.


Flex Office Websites
Monthly hosting and support fees are now linked to the specific theme you have. Fees are increased with R50 to R349/month for all themes except the Simplified and Folio themes which remain at R299/month. There are now 9 themes to choose from, and switching over to a complete different theme can cost as low as R999. We will introduce new lower cost and premium themes this year. Be on the lookout for new features and small updates that are launched on a regular basis. Entegral provides the lowest cost and best valued responsive real estate websites in the market.


Sync listing syndication
In order to make it more fair for everyone, we’ve split syndication fees into 2 packages: free portals and paid portals. The free portal fee is new and will assist us to focus on better integration & support of free portals and expand our partner network. The free portal option is enabled by default for all clients and starts at R25/month on our cheapest OMS package (this can be disabled should you wish to do so at any stage). Setup fees for paid portals have been reduced from R499 to R245 once-off per paid portal. We provide unparalleled local and international exposure, including top UK portal Zoopla, and will continue to expand our partner network to provide you with optimal exposure. If you use the OMS, you now also list free on a growing number of partners including TPN.


OMS management system
We’ve reduced fees on subscription packages to offset the increased cost of the listing syndication through Sync and introduced a new team package. Our Core package listing limit have been increased from 50 to 100 properties. We now provide uncapped file space per property listing, allowing you to literally save every file you want on a listing, forever (even when archived). The document library space per user has been increased to a whopping 1GB/user. The office document library that all your agents have access to, have also been increased to 10GB allowing you to store all your marketing material and documents for everyone’s shared use. At the end of last year we’ve also introduced our OMS API, allowing you to integrate your OMS data to external systems. You can expect quite a few changes to the OMS this year, so stay tuned!
Get 15% discount on pre-paid yearly fees
We now provide a standard 15% discount on any accounts paid 12 months in advance. This results in cost savings and can easily be used at the right time to reduce your company tax, should you wish to do so. Get into contact with our team for a quote.


Thank you

There is a lot of changes currently taking place in the real estate industry, but one thing you can always depend on is our commitment to provide you with the best possible products and customer service, and our relentless drive to make real estate technology simpler.

If you have any thoughts our questions please direct them to our Helpdesk at or give us a ring on 021 201 6777.
Thank you for your support, from everyone at Entegral.



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